No.MajorsCodesTraining peroids
1Car technology55102162 years
2Midwives57203032 years
3Nursing57203012 years
4Pharmacy57202012 years
5Medico57201012 years
6Preschool pedagogy51402022 years
7Car maintenance and repair55201592 years
8Tourguide58101032 years
9Cooking58102072 years
10Hospitable Service 58102052 years
11Modeling and beauty care58104022 years
12Sewing and fashion technology55402042 years
13Laws53802012 years
14Mechanical engineering technology55102012 years
15Civil construction and industry55802022 years
16Mechatronics engineering technology55103042 years
17Industrial and civil electricity55202232 years
18Business management53404202 years
19Corporate accounting53403022 years
20Application computing54802052 years
21Graphic design52104022 years
22Computer network administration54802092 years
23Computer hardware engineering technology54801052 years